10 Foolproof Tips to Successfully Stage Your Home

Jason Sirois May 5, 2023

Selling any of the numerous Denver luxury homes on the market focuses on one key point: creating a space where potential buyers can envision their future life. One element of this process is staging your home for both online listings and in-person showings.
Staging is crucial to the selling process, especially as 47% of agents reported their clients’ decision to buy was determined by how the home was staged. Interior design is essential during staging, but as the seller, you are decorating not for yourself but for the potential buyer. That means beautifully decorating the space to make it appealing to as many people as possible. Additionally, the staging needs to showcase the house's best features to sell it at the highest possible price. Another side to this is ensuring the repair or handling of any potential flaws or weaknesses in the house.

There are plenty of ways to stage your home for maximum buyer appeal, but these 10 items make it easier for you to sell the property as the potential buyer's future home.

A good cleanse

Although cleaning the home may seem like an obvious tip, this does not simply mean vacuuming and dusting. It means giving the inside and outside of the house a thorough cleaning, such as power washing the outside of the house, shampooing any carpeted areas, and cleaning every inch of the house. No one wants to imagine themselves moving into a dirty home, so make sure every cobweb is gone, and every window shines.

Create a home office

As more people switch to fully remote or working remotely part-time, creating an office space is a great feature to help sell your house. Have one room with a desk, some shelves, and other office necessities to demonstrate its functionality. If you do not have an entire room you can dedicate to an office, this is the time to get creative and find a spot in the house that could be a productive workspace with great lighting. The area can be a more unconventional spot, like a nook in the living room or even extra space in the family room. Showcasing this potential gives buyers ideas on how to turn certain parts of the house into a usable living or working space.

Depersonalize the space

When selling your home, it is crucial it feels like a space that could be someone's future home. Along with decorating the property for maximum appeal, store personal photos and toiletries such as toothbrushes in a place for safekeeping out of sight. It also means that if you have any pets, clean up and put away any toys and accessories before a showing. Aside from storing away any toys, this means vacuuming up any fur, airing out the place, and even hiding any food or water bowls from view.

Focus on the most critical impact points

Even though potential buyers view the whole house, certain rooms will impact the buyer's impression of the place. The first is the entryway, as this is the first part of the home the buyer will see when entering, which means making sure it is clean, tidy, and free of clutter. Another focal point is the kitchen, so make any necessary upgrades, whether buying a new kitchen appliance or even something as small as changing burnt-out lightbulbs.

Minimalism is key

Potential buyers want to be able to see themselves living in this home in the future, and keeping the decorations and staging to a minimum is key. Avoid overdecorating, as it can be overwhelming and ward off any potential buyers. Another aspect of maintaining minimalism is decluttering your house by removing extraneous pieces from any surface. Some examples include something as small as moving extra utensils off of the kitchen counter and into a drawer or putting away the pile of mail you usually keep on the front table.

Balancing colors and neutrals

When staging your home, it is great to bring some color into each room as long as it is cohesive and not overwhelming. One great way to do this is for the color to come in through furniture, throw pillows, or a painting, while leaving the more basic infrastructure, such as walls and floors, a neutral color.

Freshen the space

Although there are many big-picture ideas to remember when staging your home, the small details are just as vital to creating an inviting space. Plugging in an air freshener with a simple, clean smell or adding a bouquet of fresh flowers are little ways to make a good impression on potential buyers.


A home should be warm and welcoming, not dark and dreary, so now is the perfect time to open up the windows and check if all the bulbs in any light fixtures are working. Great lighting can also show off the house's craftsmanship, such as cabinet fixtures or detailing on the walls or flooring.

Furniture placement

As potential buyers view the home, not only are they seeing what the house looks like, but they are also paying attention to how spacious it feels. You should arrange the furniture to leave plenty of room for potential buyers to explore the house while also allowing them to visualize their furniture in the space. As you stage your home, remove any damaged furniture that does not match the room's decor or anything that clutters up the room and makes it challenging to move around.

Work with a professional

Although this might be the first time you have had to stage a home to sell, there are plenty of professionals out there whose jobs are dedicated to creating a beautifully staged home. Whether it is a professional photographer taking pictures of your home for online listings or a real estate agent who has advice on arranging your space, working with a professional is helpful when staging your home.
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