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Simmi S.

Jason is an incredible Realtor® who really, truly has your best interests at heart. He is super knowledgable (just watch his monthly market updates on Insta!), frank yet courteous, optimistic yet practical, and personable yet professional. His go-getter attitude and creative thinking are what sets him apart from all other Realtors®, and I can't recommend him enough in this crazy market. Jason will always go the extra mile to build strong relationships with your loan officer, listing agents, and most importantly, you (his client). Where do I even start?! At the beginning of 2021, I reached out and conveyed I was *considering* buying a home. He told me he'd be there whenever I was ready and set me up with the tools needed to get my search started when the time was right: a sign-in portal to start looking at new listing the moment they went on the market, a mortgage loan officer referral, and a comprehensive intro to home buying for newbies. Needless to say, I decided to buy a home at the most insane time. There were many times I felt discouraged because the market moved and changed so quickly, but Jason always did his homework and formulated strategic plans that were well-informed and data-driven; adapting to the demands and needs of a competitive market while ensuring my bid was financially sound. He never pressured me, but always equipped me with the tools and data needed to put my best foot forward and be as competitive as possible. He even talked to my loan officer when interest rates were rising to make sure I was staying in the right price range and not biting off more than I could chew. Would your Realtor® do all the heavy lifting for you? Jason will! All in all, Jason helped me buy a home as a newbie who was knew very little about the housing market. He guided me throughout the whole process and ultimately helped me land the home of my dreams. Thank you for being such a great Realtor®, partner, Jason!

Cara M.

Jason was an amazing partner and ally in my first home buying experience. We weren’t even intending to start looking in earnest for another year or two, but a brief informative meeting with Jason completely changed our minds. Now just a few months later I’m writing this review from Our New Home! From the incredibly competitive market to the global pandemic to a crazy situation with our credit score that happened days before closing, we had plenty of odds stacked against us, but through it all, Jason helped us stay positive and maintain perspective. His personable (yet always professional) nature and down-to-earth approach were exactly what we needed. He was never pushy and never imposed his opinion, but instead provided valuable professional insights and strategies to help us work through our own decision-making process. He was always willing to think outside the box on our behalf and find creative solutions to give us an edge. It was clear from the start that his goal was not just to get us in a house and collect his commission, but to make sure that we were truly happy with the house we ended up in. My husband and I feel lucky to have found Jason and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering buying a new home.

Sarah E.

This was my first home buying experience, and Jason really set the bar high. He was great from day one and very professional throughout the process. He will set expectations for the Realtor® and buyer experience before you even get started, and sticks to what he says. Jason spent time explaining a lot about the process, things to look out for as a buyer, ways to help narrow down areas, and where to go with an offer. Jason was always quick to reply, and research things further to get back to me with suggestions on a path forward. He really went to bat for me on the home I eventually purchased. The seller was a little difficult at times, and even their agent struggled with the seller. Jason navigated that process wonderfully. I was able to negotiate quite a bit after my inspection, and with Jason's recommendations we wound up getting a brand new furnace and ac from the seller. It was also great that he worked hands-on with my mortgage company. They talked regularly, and everyone was always on the same page without me having to be the relay person in between. I will definitely be recommending Jason to anyone I know looking to buy.

Brittney M.

If only there was a six-star option! This was my first time buying a home and I had some slight anxieties going into the process. Those quickly disappeared as I began working with Jason. His passion for the industry as well as his commitment to his clients is second to none! He walked me through every step of the way and had excellent communication on all of the minute details. He negotiated for the seller to cover my closing costs, lowered my purchase price, found me a top-notch inspection company, and even got me going with my very own toolbox. Not only is Jason trustworthy, but he makes the process fun and exciting. I have since begun sharing not only how seamless the home buying process was, but also Jason's name and services to anyone I hear mentioning they are in the market to become a little more permanent in the Denver area. It has been 2 months since I closed on my home and I find myself even happier with my purchase as the days go by. I could not have had such a great experience if it has not been for Jason. I truly have found my dream home and feel inspired to continue my journey of homeownership in the future.

Jessica G.

Buying a home can be scary, especially for a first-time buyer in the Denver market. That’s before you get into the process, during the process first-time buyers encounter so many things that could be scary. Jason was the solution to all of that and buying a house with him as my Realtor® was the most pleasant, reassuring, successful experience imaginable. When it came to looking for the right house for me, Jason asked incredibly thoughtful questions, pushed back when I needed it, and advocated for me with every interaction down to the movers that would move me from my current place. Jason‘s network and industry knowledge are two of his biggest assets, but it doesn’t stop there. Jason also has a true passion for the market that he sells in and it comes through in how thoughtful he is with his clients. Anyone looking to buy a home would be lucky to have Jason as a guide in that process.

Kelsey S.

Jason was fabulous. This was my first time buying a home, and he was patient, courteous, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain the process clearly and understandably. He wasn’t a Realtor® that just “opens the doors” for you; he was engaged, super positive, transparent throughout the process, and made showings happen last minute if something cropped up that I wanted to see. I really appreciate his level of communication; it goes a long way when you’re frazzled and overwhelmed with how buying a home works. He was always quick to respond to me about any questions I had, quick to get showings on the calendar, and extremely good at relaying important details from the sellers when building and submitting an offer. Overall, I cannot recommend him enough to others, and will not hesitate to employ his services again.

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