Top 12 Home Office Must-Haves

Jason Sirois May 6, 2023

Working from home has become more common in the past few years, especially in Colorado, which has around 23.7% of its workforce working from home. With this increase in employees performing remote work, it is crucial to have a space where you can work productively and with minimal distractions. There are a few staples necessary for having a good office at home, but there also are many ways to elevate your current workspace. Whether you are just now transitioning to remote work or have been working from home for a while, here are 12 items to help create the best home office space that will set you up for success.

Solid WiFi

With many business meetings and transactions happening virtually, having good WiFi is a must in any home office. This is because different activities utilize different amounts of speed requirements and data usage. The type of service and router you need depends on your job, although typically, a dual-band router is best for video conferences, uploading large files, and heavy internet usage. The recommended download and upload speeds for remote work, per person, are 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps, respectively.

Computer and printer

Along with having good WiFi, any home office needs a computer to handle remote work, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, or both. Having a printer at home is also a good investment, especially for professions where you need to print documents for a client. Having a printer with other capabilities, such as a copier and even a fax machine, is also essential.

Comfortable office chair and desk

Quality furniture pieces are also necessary for any office. One piece is a comfortable chair since you will sit in it for long periods throughout your workday. A comfortable work chair has lumbar support, a headrest, and general back support for maintaining good physical health. For those moments you need to get up and stretch, a standing or adjustable desk is ideal so that you can stand when you need a break from sitting, or you can adjust it for when sitting down.

Backup drive

To ensure no important information or files get lost, invest in a backup drive, such as an external hard drive. Many software programs utilize cloud technology for backing up files. A physical hard drive, however, allows you to have multiple copies in case something happens and the file gets corrupted or is not correctly saved in the cloud.

Surge protectors

A surge protector is a worthy investment for anyone working with a lot of equipment. It protects any appliances from being damaged by an electrical surge. In day-to-day life, electrical surges are most commonly caused by high-powered devices such as refrigerators or air conditioning. 


As you conduct business from your house, it is essential to ensure you have additional storage for any equipment, documents, or other work-related items. Storage options include simply purchasing a desk with extra drawers or buying shelves such as a larger bookshelf or a small organizer to put on your desk. A filing cabinet is another great storage option for professionals who store numerous physical documents or a safe box for items and documents that need extra safekeeping. Providing additional storage will make keeping your office clean and organized easier, as everything will have a place.


A clock may seem like a relic from the past, especially since we have clocks on our phones. However, having a clock in your office can be useful for time management. It is also ideal for anyone trying to avoid distractions on their phone, as instead of checking the time on their phone, they can look at the clock.


Whether a Google Calendar or a physical one, recording essential deadlines and meetings is necessary when working from home to further assist with time management and prioritizing projects.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Another critical piece of equipment for those with jobs requiring a lot of electrical equipment is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These are backup batteries to use when an electrical failure, such as a power outage, occurs. Uninterruptible Power Supplies can be especially useful in places where it gets hot during the summer, leading to unplanned power outages during the day.


When working from home, you will definitely end up with classified documents that need to be shredded. Shredding these documents before disposing of them ensures both your information and any business information, such as employment records and client records, are kept safe. 


Indoor plants will brighten up any office space, reduce stress, produce extra oxygen, and even lead to higher productivity levels. Adding a couple of houseplants to your home office is beneficial, but only put a few in your office to avoid distractions and feeling like you are working in a jungle. Another point to keep in mind is ensuring the plants get plenty of sunlight and the proper care they need. If you have never had a green thumb, some of the best plants to start with are succulents, as they do not require as much water. Succulents will be happy and continue growing as long as you place them in a sunny area, such as a windowsill.


Working from home means you will not have the same access to office supplies as you would for an in-person office job. Since you will not have an office supply closet to visit if you need something, it is time to stock up on the essentials. Some basic supplies to consider buying include staplers, staples for the stapler, pens, printer paper, and other basics necessary to perform your duties.
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