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Jason Sirois July 26, 2023

Home to some of the trendiest spots in Denver, the Highlands neighborhood is a hot spot for anyone from professionals to artists to families. The Highlands, which consists of Highland and West Highland, overlooks downtown Denver. Residents have easy access to the city simply by crossing the 320-foot Highland Bridge to Lower Downtown Denver. If a resident wants some activity without having to cross that bridge, they could find things to do right in their neighborhood.
With its chic shops, locally owned restaurants, annual community gatherings, and more, the Highlands in Denver is a highly desirable neighborhood for a fun-loving, trend-setting, self-caring individual. A person looking to move to the Highlands may be attracted to the neighborhood’s many amenities and its keenly-crafted architecture that beautifies the streets.

Free attractions in the Highlands

The Highlands community hosts many annual events that are free to enter. Attendance at these fairs, markets, and celebrations ensures consistent activity within the walkable neighborhood.

Highlands Street Fair

W 32nd Ave & Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO
Hosted yearly by the Highland Merchant Association, the Highlands Street Fair welcomes Denver community members to gather on Highland Square to shop, eat local, and hear live music. Fun for the whole family, the block party is free to enter. There are play areas for kids and an opportunity to support local vendors or spend time with friends for the adults.

Highlands Farmer’s Market

W 32nd Ave & Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO
Also hosted yearly on Highland Square is the Highland Farmer’s Market. From May to October, Highland Square is packed with Highland locals shopping for produce, art, and more. The market is also free to enter, buying products is optional, and outdoor window shopping is encouraged. Apples, berries, cantaloupes, and peaches are all native to Colorado, and a trip to the Highlands Farmer’s Market can fix a craving for all of them. 

Shopping in the Highlands

For a person looking to shop, the Highlands neighborhood is stocked full of small-owned stores. The neighborhood has clothing stores as well as trendy, socially, and environmentally conscious accessory shops.

Kate Miller Jewelry

3450 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO
Kate Miller Jewelry sells sustainable, ethically made jewelry. The pieces are made with high-quality recycled gold and ​​Argentium silver. Hand-crafted in their Highlands studio, their designs are classy, detailed, and made with sensible craftsmanship. The jewelry makers sell designs in-store and selectively take custom orders that fit their aesthetic and design style. Kate Miller Jewelry is unique to the Highlands, and its founder proudly supports environmental and social justice.


3180 Meade St, Denver, CO
The locally-owned Wordshop Paperie finds itself a home in the Highlands. It is Denver’s only brick-and-mortar paperie and is owned by passionate, self-proclaimed font nerds. They sell custom wedding and baby shower invites, as well as any other card or piece of stationery a Highland resident may need. Wordshop also has handmade notebooks, envelopes, and even joke socks in stock. Those that run Wordshop welcome all and find delight in creating the perfect hand-made cards for their guests. There are many opportunities for shopping in the Highlands, and this custom card and stationery shop is on the more unique side.

Wellness centers in the Highlands

Happening as the neighborhood is, the Highlands has many wellness centers at their residents’ fingertips. Whether a person is seeking IV therapy or exercise experience, Highland can fill their needs.

Hydrate IV Bar

3440 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO
Hydrate IV Bar allows its visitors to experience an unconventional spa experience. They offer IV therapy with vitamin injections which improve the immunity system, skin health, increase energy, and more. The soothing atmosphere and friendly staff ensure a person seeking IV therapy has a peaceful time getting their self-care treatments. IV therapy cocktails and NAD+ injections/infusions slow cognitive decline, combat fatigue, and promote healthier brain function. The entire business is overseen by medical professionals, and all treatments are performed by a team of registered nurses. A day at Highland’s Hydrate IV Bar can leave a guest soothed and rejuvenated for days.

Pure Barre

3420 West 32nd Avenue, Suite 103
Pure Barre focuses on full-body workouts that can be considered physical and holistic experiences. They offer beginner classes to teach a newbie the first steps in mastering the barre technique. Beginner classes introduce guests to the basic movements in Pure Barre classes, slowly pushing them to become used to the workout meant to tone and strengthen their bodies. The introductory classes are free. They also offer classes for flexibility and strength, utilizing tools like cardio, balls, and weights. Pure Barre in the Highlands has an especially friendly and welcoming staff ready to invite potential residents of the Highlands to their neighborhood and their barre studio.

Parks in and around the Highlands

While the neighborhood of Highlands only has one park, many other parks in the area are a small commute for a resident of Highland to visit. A short drive is worth it for a Highlander to experience all the parks in their area.

Highland Park

West Caithness Plaza and Fife Court, Denver, CO
Highland Park makes a home in the heart of the Highlands. Its size is impressive, offering lots of room for any outdoor-loving parkgoer with energy to burn. There is a playground, a basketball court, a soccer field, and even a library to occupy a person’s day. The Woodbury Branch Library sits within the park’s boundaries. Trails line the grassy, tree-ridden confines of the park, allowing a person to walk, run, or read beneath a tree all within their neighborhood.

Discovery Park

38th Avenue And Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO
Only a ten-minute drive from Highland Square is Discovery Park. Unlike Highland Park, Discover Park has four play areas, including a playground specifically for climbing. Discovery Park makes up for being less woodsy than Highland Park with its splash pad, sandbox, and many other exciting ways for a child to play. Near the playgrounds is the skate park, and the entire area gives a person access to open, grassy spaces. It is a great park for families and is conveniently close to the Highlands neighborhoods.

Moving to the Highlands

The Highlands have something for everyone. Whether a person is a wellness enthusiast, a parent, or an ardent shopper, they will never get bored. The Denver, Colorado, neighborhoods have desirable real estate, and the Highlands has some of the best. It is near downtown Denver, but residents don’t have to leave their neighborhood for a good time. For a homebuyer looking for activity in a friendly, community-focused neighborhood, the Highlands could be a great place to call home.
Denver real estate agent Jason Sirois is eager to help potential buyers like yourself find their dream home in their dream neighborhood. If the Highlands sounds like the right place for you, contact Jason Sirois today to begin your journey in the trendy, never-boring Highlands.
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