Navigating the Denver Real Estate Market: Insights for Buyers and Sellers with Ryan Pettegrew

Jason Sirois November 16, 2023

The Denver real estate market is a dynamic landscape, and understanding its nuances is key, whether you're buying or selling in Northwest Denver, Sunnyside, Highlands, Wheat Ridge, or Lakewood. We sat down with Ryan Pettegrew (@ryan_themortgageguy) to break down what's going on in our current market.

For Buyers: Denver's real estate market shows a unique duality. While some properties see price decreases, others in prime locations and priced correctly receive multiple offers, often above asking price. As a buyer, it's important to recognize this variance, and know how your negotiation strategy will vary accordingly. Homes in desirable neighborhoods like Sunnyside and Highlands are particularly competitive. Engaging a knowledgeable agent and understanding market trends in areas like Wheat Ridge and Lakewood can make a significant difference.

For Sellers: Effective pricing is crucial. Aim for a price slightly below the appraised value to attract more offers, but not so low that you leave money on the table. Remember, the market's response to your listing can vary widely based on pricing strategy and location. In areas like Northwest Denver, this approach can lead to a successful sale. You also want to ensure your house shows well from day one, you never get a second chance at a first impression, especially not in our current market.

Final Thoughts: Whether you're buying or selling in the Denver real estate market, preparation and understanding market dynamics are key. Engaging with a knowledgeable real estate professional can provide the insights and guidance necessary to navigate this market effectively.

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