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Jason Sirois July 26, 2023

The Highlands in Denver are popular, mountainous, and conveniently located. Overlooking downtown Denver, the Highlands is a residential hub with a vibrant community composed of families, artists, professionals, and more. Divided into two neighborhoods, “Highlands” is an umbrella term for West Highland and Highland.
Residents of the Highlands enjoy charming, historic architecture along with the freshness of new construction in their quirky corner of Denver. The neighborhood is not lacking in fashionable restaurants, local cafes, boutiques, and bars. These attractions add to the natural charm of the area. Highlands is home to some beautiful Victorian architecture that dates back to the 1900s. The streets are lined with mature trees, and the houses are filled with happy Highland citizens.

Pros of living in the Highlands

Highland locals can sleep, picnic, and enjoy craft beer without leaving the comfort of their neighborhood. With so many amenities, it is no wonder Highlands real estate is as desirable as it is. Community members host events, fairs, and a farmers’ market in Highlands Square. These events showcase the rightfully proud citizens of Highlands’ enthusiasm for fun, socializing, and shopping small. If active community members and annual events do not speak to Highlands’ appeal, perhaps its other advantages will.

Small town charm, big city access

A resident of the Highlands enjoys the highs of living in a small town while having more than easy access to the city. The architecture mixes old with new, and the old Victorian homes offer charm and awe-inspiring views across the neighborhood near the city.
Denver lies just below the Highlands, so for a person looking to buy a home in Denver who is interested in a smaller, still happening neighborhood, life in a Highlands home may be more attractive. While the area has access to the robust night scene in Denver, the Highlands are mostly separated from the clubbing action. Instead, the Highlands play host to small, appealing, locally owned bars and taverns. Most of the Highlands is walkable, as in a small town, but the area also offers rentable Denver bikes and public buses that can transport a person to downtown Denver.
A 320-foot pedestrian bridge connects the Highlands to Lower Downtown Denver. This connector — the Highland Bridge — allows residents of Highland easy access to their obligations in Denver. So not only are the Highlands walkable within themselves, but they are walkable all the way across I-25 to the city. Because of this, tourists are more likely to find themselves eating, shopping, or drinking in Highlands, boosting the neighborhood’s economy and allowing non-residents to make memories of the Highlands’ charm.

Sufficient access to outdoor activity

In the heart of the Highlands is the well-loved Highland Park. The large park is grassy and green, with trails throughout. Highland Park is a great place for any park lover to unwind by sitting on a bench, taking a walk through the trees, playing basketball, or watching their children play on the park’s playground. There is ample space to run, jump, and play in the confines of Highland Park. There is even an opportunity to check out a library book. Located on the park grounds is the Woodbury Branch Library, allowing Highlands residents to grab a book and read at the park.
Just across Highland Bridge is Confluence Park in Lower Downtown Denver. Highlands residents enjoy a short walk to access the urban park. Parkgoers can walk, bike, and fish around the South Platte River that the park borders. People can kayak and tube in the river, and some even swim in its more shallow areas. Dogs are welcome, as are soccer and basketball players, for there are fields and courts for all of them in the park. The fact that a city park so rich in activity and natural fun is just a five-minute walk from the bridge keeps Highland residents entertained and connected to Denver’s organic beauty.

Trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars within walking distance

The Highlands neighborhood is a hot spot for small-owned businesses. Locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and bars glitter the area. These eateries are far from your run-of-the-mill chain restaurants. They offer culture, excitement, and flare to any dining experience. An eater has access to rooftop seating and innovative menus in Highland.
At Root Down in the Highlands, guests are served locally-sourced ingredients, and at The Family Jones Spirit House, guests nibble on small plates and sip custom cocktails. Pinwheel Coffee in Highland is a student-run coffee shop with lattes, chai, burritos, and pastries. Local middle to high school Montessori students created Pinwheel’s business plan from the logo to the location. Proceeds from the coffee shop go back to the students, who work as baristas-in-training to deliver their customers high-quality food and drinks.
The Highlands are also rich in craft breweries. Denver Beer Co. offers visitors a simple beer-drinking experience, emphasizing the importance of sharing a drink with a friend. For a more adventurous atmosphere, an adult in Highland can enjoy a glass at FlyteCo Brewing. FlyteCo is an aviation-themed brewery with 10-15 beers on tap. The neighborhood’s breweries are community-oriented, as are its restaurants and coffee shops. For this reason, among others, the Highlands neighborhood is a truly desirable place to live.

Cons of living in Highlands

While living in the Highlands offers a significant number of advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages worth noting. While the pros outway the neighborhood’s cons, there are some things a person looking to move to any new area should consider.

High cost of living

Living in the Highlands is not for everyone. Highlands housing costs 77% higher than the national average, and the cost of living is 14% higher than Denver's. The Highlands neighborhood is affluent, and the homes in the area reflect this. For a person looking to buy in an elevated neighborhood, this con is not a con at all, as Highland’s price tag matches a luxury seeker's budget.

Moving to Highlands

Moving to the Highlands begins with a decision — the decision for a potential homebuyer to commit a stage of their life to a charming, trendy neighborhood with an abundance of activity, community events, and food. With easy access to downtown Denver, the affluent Highlands offer residents a small-town community right on top of the city. Parks in and around Highland are lush, grand, and within reach, as are locally-owned restaurants, cafes, and breweries, which make up for Denver’s dry heat.
Once a potential homebuyer decides the Highlands are right for them, the next step is to find a realtor with experience and connections in the Highlands. Contact Jason Sirois with Compass today to take the final steps in moving to the Highlands in Denver, Colorado.
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