9 Local Favorite Restaurants in North Denver

Jason Sirois May 5, 2023

Have you just finished unpacking your bags and wondering where locals like to go to indulge in culinary delights? Whether you have just relocated or are considering moving to the North Denver area, you should know where the best restaurants are. Fortunately, this guide can help. Read on for the nine best restaurants locals love.

1. Beckon

Located just a short drive from many luxury homes for sale in Denver, you can have a dining experience that is unlike any other. First opened in November 2018, Beckon is the city’s first chef’s counter restaurant. It is a restaurant where you can sit high along u-shaped counters and get open views of the chefs hard at work. After prepaying the meal ticket, you can enjoy a seasonal selection from a number of delicious Scandinavian-inspired courses that the chef carefully curated. With elegance and sophistication at every turn, Beckon provides the perfect atmosphere for Denverites to relax and socialize in comfortable surroundings.

2. Guard and Grace

In the heart of thriving downtown Denver is the chic restaurant Guard and Grace. Named by USA Today as one of the best Denver restaurants, Guard and Grace comprises 9,000 square feet of space and various seating arrangements. It is where you can try delicious cuts of steak made from local Angus-certified cuts of beef. You can also find cheese and charcuterie boards, and many vegetarian options. In addition, you can pair your exquisite meal with a selection from a temperature-controlled wine cellar. Spearheaded by Chef Guard, this upscale eatery offers something for everyone.

3. Wildflower

Wildflower is as free-spirited as the flower from which it gets its name. It is an elegant and modern restaurant that draws a variety of people to it, whether they seek a place to socialize, celebrate a special occasion, or have a romantic evening. In addition, Wildflower draws upon the Mexican and Italian roots of the neighborhood by offering a blend of both cultures. Surrounded by beautiful sketches and paintings on the walls, you can sit in a warm aromatic room while enjoying the delectable cuisine. From creative cocktails to delicious desserts, you will not fail to be amazed at this free-spirited restaurant. 

4. Mercantile Dining & Provision

For an upscale farm-to-table culinary experience, you’ll want to visit Mercantile Dining and Provision. In Denver’s thriving downtown district, Mercantile is split into two entities — the dining room and the marketplace. In the dining room, you can find elevated seasonal cuisine. There are many options, from starting with classic bread and butter to finishing with an Olive Oil Cake. Whether lounging with family and friends or looking for a quiet place to study, you can accomplish it all at the Mercantile.

5. Rioja

Rioja is a Mediterranean restaurant located close to many luxury homes for sale in Denver. At Rioja, you can find elegance, warmly lit spaces, and sleek modern designs. You will discover delectable creations on the menu, such as the infamous Rioja House Salad and the chef’s specialty handcrafted pastas. With world-class cuisine and service, it is no surprise that Rioja was even named one of the top ten best restaurants in the Denver area.

6. Urban Farmer Denver

For yet another farm-to-table option, you might consider Urban Farmer Denver. Located in The Oxford Hotel, the Urban Farmer offers a sleek and modern design with splashes of color. You can find an extensive collection of steaks at the Urban Farmer, from ribeyes to filets. Much of the food comes from close relationships garnered with local farmers, with an increasing awareness of sustainability. Most importantly, the Urban Farmer is a steakhouse where relationships grow, and memories are created. Whether sitting around the half-bar or lounging on the couch enjoying panoramic street views, you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that you can find at this upscale eatery.

7. Atelier by Radex

If you are in the mood for some exquisite French-inspired cuisine, then Atelier by Radex is the restaurant for you. Although the Atelier has a relatively low-key vibe in Denver’s City Park neighborhood, it has lofty ambitions. Atelier is a formal restaurant with a white tablecloth setting, elegant decor, and world-class service. In addition, there is an attached patio area where patrons can sit and enjoy the delectable food. As for the menu, you can find an extensive collection of French cuisine, from famous escargot to savory bouillabaisse. 

8. El Five

El Five is a hip and trendy establishment where locals socialize with friends. With floor-to-ceiling windows and rooftop seating, it offers stunning panoramic views of downtown Denver. El Five provides the perfect climate for many occasions, whether you are looking for a romantic venue or a casual night out with friends. At El Five, you will find small plates (i.e. tapas) that have been heavily influenced by Mediterranean culture. You can expect the delectable cuisine to be as flavorful as it is sustainable. In addition, many of the ingredients have been locally grown and produced. 

9. Mizuna

If you are looking for a warm, intimate setting, then Mizuna will satisfy your needs. Named by Zagat as one of the best restaurants in the nation, Mizuna is where creativity meets innovation. Classics such as Beef Wellington and Seared Salmon are on the menu, but with a creative twist. With rotating menus carefully crafted by master chefs, you are unlikely to find the same meal every time. The creativity and novelty, as well as the romantic atmosphere, are what draws Denverites to Mizuna.
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